The right solutions for your audience.

Promote opinions, create experiences and make an impress on your readership.

Engage your audience

Whether you are an exhibitor at a trade show, an event organiser, disseminating knowledge or representing a cultural institution, we can help you to establish the framework and create spaces that will attract attention and leave an impression.

Our unique and creative solutions leverage all touchpoints on your customers’ journey and encourage interactions with your brand, product or messaging. The goal is that you should stand out from the crowd, create experiences and speak to your target audience, leading them to take actions you can see on your bottom line.

We will of course also be happy to help you to store, distribute and install your solutions, should you so wish.


Let us advise you and help you to discover new opportunities

You have the idea, the event, the exhibition, the entertainment or the campaign. Our job is to ensure your success and the success of your project. You do not need to have an extensive knowledge of materials, formats or printing techniques. We take care of all that.

Once we understand your requirements, budget and framework, we ensure that you receive an optimal, creative and sustainable solution, every time.

Stibo Complete will assign you a permanent expert consultant, who will be familiar with your industry and will accumulate extensive knowledge of your order history, making it easy for you to reorder or to continue the development of your solutions in collaboration with us.

GigantPrint - Arts, Events & Leisure

Use our considerable creativity and experience to get your job done

Different materials offer different options. We print on the surface that is best-suited to your project, whether it is wood, acrylic, cellular cardboard, foam PVC, channelled plastic or something else entirely.

We start by developing and producing your in-store and outdoor solutions, based on the requirements you need us to fulfil:

  • Will the materials be used over and over again at trade fairs or events?
  • Or is it most important to you that the materials should be quick and easy to install when running one-day events?

Together with you, we will create the solution you need, and preferably one that can do more than that. We have the experience and know-how that it takes to raise the standards of your projects and to challenge you.

You are more than welcome to set high environmental requirements for us

We are focused in our endeavours to constantly minimise the environmental impact of our production. We therefore consider it to be a priority to provide you with guidance and advice about the use of environmentally friendly materials in the products we produce on your behalf.

You can find out more about our environmental contribution (which we call Complete Care) here.

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