Never compromise

When it comes to health and human life, we leave nothing to chance.

Flawless production and controlled processes

Stibo Complete is a European leader in efficiently providing leaflets and booklets for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. 

We have in-depth knowledge of requirements for equipment, traceability and quality control, which sets the agenda in the industry - and for us as your supplier, consultant and partner.

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Certifications and high standards is our everyday life

We continuously develop our processes, in order to minimize the risk of errors and ensure you the best possible quality.
Our management system is an integrated system consisting of a quality part and an environmental part.
The quality management system is certified in accordance with DS/EN ISO 9001, whilst within the pharmaceutical area we work with an extended quality control in accordance with the guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Quality control and documentation (GMP)

We produce your leaflets in accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). All steps within the process are documented for your traceability. 

In addition, it is also possible to identify the specific leaflet throughout the process - both visually and mechanically - by the use of barcodes and fluttermarks. 

Before we release the order to shipping, we carry out a manual output control.

Our employees who work within production for the pharmaceutical industry have all been given training in the GMP rules. Moreover, we work continuously to strengthen the quality awareness among our employees. 

The Nordic Swan label
EU Ecolabel
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Stibo Complete has a continuing focus on the environment

Our various certifications are tangible evidence that our entire production meets the applicable environmental requirements.

We call it Complete Care.

In each department, concrete and measurable goals are set for quality and environmental work, and the achievements of these goals are documented.

Our environmental targets

Our overall goals are to comply with the applicable environmental legislation, prevent pollution and continue to reduce the company’s environmental damage, by using less environmentally damaging processes and materials – unless there are economical, quality or technical conditions that prevent this.

We offer you

  • Environmentally friendly printed products (FSC and Swan-labeled, as well as CO²-neutralized printed matter). 

  • A management system certified according to DS/EN ISO 14001 which is maintained and continuously improved for it to always be effective and appropriate.


Our strong assets and commitments 

We have an excellent track record of quality audit success from authorities and institutions across Europe. We are open in our communication, flexible in our approach and reliable in our execution.

Our broad service portfolio offers support for your product throughout its lifecycle, from design to commercialization.

We offer exceptional and experienced Project Management and Customer Service teams.

We are fully committed to a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence, which means we always put our customers first.


Packaging services

Stibo Complete built a global reputation for the design and artwork, development, production and distribution of compliant Pharma leaflets and booklets for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

We support your product through every stage of your product lifecycle. 

The demand for small lots and the high-volume production capacities has expanded our focus to include flexible, efficient, and highly state-of-the-art facilities in the production. 

Stibo Complete has invested in equipment capabilities to directly support client demand in the market. 

“Our investment in high-end technology solutions proves commitment and innovation in supporting our client`s evolving needs”. Quick change and rapid production time between batches allows Stibo Complete to offer flexible support to pharmaceutical and healthcare clients.

We support our clients with all packaging components in high quality and reliable, on-time delivery.

GigantPrint - Healthcare