We are a shopping centre for printed media

In a world of increasing competition, you have to be visible in the best possible way! Whether it’s selling cheap food in a shopping mall or trying on fine clothes in an exclusive shop.

GigantPrint offers all possibilities and we are experts in creating optimal customer experiences.

We help you to communicate the right message and profile on printed signs, fabric banners and large background walls with images and texts.

Our project managers have extensive experience of profiling new in-store environments or renovating existing ones to create more modern environments – using printed media. Large building wraps, shop ramps or floor decorations are just some examples that fit into the concept.

GigantPrint - In-Store Communication

Your benefits

Our experience – We have created hundreds of shops
Everything from concept and production to installation by the same company
Our production apparatus runs around the clock and delivers quickly
A uniquely large range of products, offering numerous alternatives
GigantPrint - In-Store Communication

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