We create contact between media and advertiser

MediaService is part of Stibo Complete and will get the results you need. We focus on growth for your advertisers, while also targeting new advertisers and opportunities.

We are a Danish media company with offices in Esbjerg, Horsens and Copenhagen. We represent more than 35 magazines, trade journals and papers and are experts in advertising in both printed and digital media.

We give you access to a strong team of experienced advertising consultants who possess a unique knowledge of the media industry – and a large customer database.

When working with us, you will be assigned a single consultant who will focus exclusively on advertising sales to your media. All of our consultants can handle advertising sales to both printed and digital media formats. Your publication will also be assigned to one graphic designer.

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We ensure synergy between content and advert

We market your publication by creating an attractive basic narrative that advertisers can see themselves in, and in which they want to be seen. The synergy between the magazine’s content and the advertisers’ messaging helps give your target audience a positive reading experience and more effective advertising.

We collect and perform quality checks on all commercial content for both print and online advertising and ensure high quality in each publication.

Your benefits

One permanent consultant and contact person
One permanently assigned graphic designer
Large customer database
Synergy between content and adverts
Experts in print media and online advertising

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