Quality packaging for quality products


NATULIQUE is a family-owned Danish company that has been producing and supplying quality hair care products for the hairdressing industry since 1998. Their DNA is built on an intense environmental and sustainability focus, and it was crucial for them to find the perfect partner for their printed matter deliveries. They found their ideal match in Stibo Complete, which is equally dedicated to quality and the environment with a wide range of environmental certifications including the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, FSC, PEFC and Climate Calc. Find out more about our Complete Careenvironmental initiatives.

Working closely with NATULIQUE’s creative team and purchasing department, we find the best box and packaging solutions in terms of materials, shapes and formats for their different products. We are proud to have delivered many great solutions, including recent printed boxes for their Anti Hair Loss Serum, Hair Wax and Refreshers products, with excellent results.

Stibo Complete is incredibly pleasant to work with. We enjoy a highly professional and competent dialogue with Stibo Complete. They are excellent at making suggestions/improvements to our printed materials to ensure that we get the best possible results. We have been very satisfied with the results of all the tasks Stibo Complete has carried out for us.
Lasse Slaikjer Froehlich
Customer Service Manager
GigantPrint - Quality packaging for quality products
NATULIQUE is present for the start of the printing of their new packaging. At the start of printing, NATULIQUE had all sheets checked to ensure that the colour was spot on.

Shared vision on sustainability and environmental responsibility

Our collaboration with NATULIQUE is more than just providing printed material. It’s about sharing a common vision of sustainability and environmental responsibility and creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing packaging solutions that are also kind to the environment. We always strive to be at the forefront of the latest technologies and trends in eco-friendly printing and packaging to ensure that we can always offer our customers the best and most sustainable solutions.

We are proud of our partnership with NATULIQUE and look forward to continue working with them to provide the best box and packaging solutions with respect for the environment.

GigantPrint - Quality packaging for quality products
GigantPrint - Quality packaging for quality products
GigantPrint - Quality packaging for quality products

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